Recrutam pentru unul din clientii nostri, activ in domeniul distributiei, o persoana care sa preia responsabilitatile postului de Director de Vanzari.

Sales Manager reporting to General Manager

Job specifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business related fields
  • A minimum of 5-8 years of experience in sales management capacity (technical sales preferably)
  • Experience in developing sales strategies and performance metrics.
  • Able to manage effectively a cross-functional team.
  • Leadership ability, entrepreneurial attitude and a good team player.
  • Proven leadership ability to influence, develop, and empower employees to achieve objectives with a team approach.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Advanced computer program skills like Microsoft Word, Excel and so on.
  • Strong training and presentation skills.
  • Excellent negotiation and sales skills.
  • Able to work under pressure and close deadline.

Key responsabilities:

  • Provide leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales department, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals
  • Develop, or participate with the Senior Staff, in the development of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the Company
  • Direct department(s) to achieve objectives established in the Company’s Strategic Plan
  • Coordinate sales operations with all other departments/divisions of the Company
  • Develop and/or maintain and improve business relations with all customers of the Company
  • Seeks out and targets new customers and new sales opportunities, initiate action plan to approach and secure new business for the Company
  • Monitor, analyze sales and market trends
  • Develop sales strategies, tactics and techniques based on the feedback of the customer and market environment
  • Manage  and control the sales budget
  • Responsible for driving revenue and use learning’s from that experience to refine sales processes and to build an appropriate team
  • Oversee all hiring, training and firing of personnel involved in Sales and Marketing
  • Establish performance goals for all sales department employees, and monitors performance on a continual basis
  • Attract, retain, train, and motivate a diverse sales force
  • Develop online and offline sales strategy
  • Utilize existing account management processes and reporting systems