There is a story behind anything, as there is a motivation for anything that we do. Interesting or boring, brilliant or ordinary, the story travels along with us and defines us as much as we allowed it to.

AquaHR came up from our desire to value people, as we believe each individual is valuable. We also believe that people’s value must be fully discovered and intensified at its real capacity. As water is essential to life, people are the ones who create and develop, „breeding” any company/organisation/business. And so, we created AQUA….

And as any organisation is confronted with highs and lows, obstacles and challenges, altogether with changes, adapting to new situations becomes essential. We offer that flexibility and malleability to our clients so that they can succesfully overpass the changes they are dealing with, and their business will „naturally flow” in the right way.

We intend to be the core, the fresh air, a drop of essence that any business needs.

We would like to be AquaHR…. without whom you cannot exist.

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